IT Outsourcing & Staffing

We Understand the Magnitude of Your Challenge

CIO's today, are under increasing pressure to justify the value of their IT departments and investments. Add to that, the challenge to deliver value and remain competitive while simultaneously controlling costs and staying aligned with the company's initiatives. We can help. Axiom offers a range of risk-controlled, outsourcing services that help you deliver value for every dollar invested in your IT initiatives.

Staff Augmentation
Recruitment Outsourcing
Procurement & MRO Solutions

Staff Augmentation

Technical resources to augment client-project teams on a contract, contract-to-hire, or permanent basis. These services cover all areas of IT with concentrations in network design/implementation/management, e-commerce development, enterprise resource planning (ERP), object-oriented design/development/analysis, and integration skills.

Recruitment Outsourcing
With Axiom Consulting, your business has access to a full-scale recruiting solution. We provide the definition, refinement, and management of your entire recruiting process. We match your needs with the right professionals who possess the right skill sets.

With a wealth of experience in the field, our recruiters have the skills and knowledge to locate the candidate, with the technical and social skills that best fit your work environment. To find your perfect candidate, our recruiting team has access to a wide range of resources and incentives to quickly locate qualified candidates. These resources and incentives include:

Our Proprietary Database
Several Online Sources
Employee Referral Bonuses
A comprehensive screening process that includes phone & in-person interviews, reference checks, drug screening, and criminal background checks.


The business world as we know it is gone. Business leaders are required to lead vs. manage, be customer-service driven, and on the leading edge of technology, all while managing the day-to-day operations of their organization. The Internet has changed much about how we perceive and conduct business. Today's business organizations must be transformed to accommodate these changes. Our training experts prepare business leaders for that transformation. or lead the e-business/e-commerce task forces in their companies. Participants will learn the characteristics of the Internet and the marketing, business process and organizational strategies to prepare their organizations for the digital economy

Our seasoned training specialists will provide the management consulting needed to help your organization using:

  • On-Site Workshops, Online & Offline Learning Modules, Leadership Coaching, and Strategic Planning. We offer a comprehensive suite of training so that you can begin seeing significant procurement ROI company wide instead of hoping for the 'trickle-down' effect.

Axiom offers a turnkey solution no matter where your needs may lead you. Do you want to reduce costs while increasing productivity? Struggling to resolve supply chain management issues? Our one-on-one analysis will help you to evaluate the choices and determine the right fit for your processes, your people and your vision. We’ll show you how to achieve easier configurability and scalability, back office integration, transparency to end-users, effective change management, reuse of your legacy data and successful process reengineering.

Our Methodology
  • Assessment Phase

    Determine the requirements for the procurement implementation. This would include determination the best path forward for procurement implementation (custom, package, managed procurement). High level business requirements.

  • Preparation Phase

    Final scope, hardware & software procurement and project plan. Detail business requirements, preliminary interface documentation.

  • The Blueprint Phase

    Business process development, contract with suppliers and system design. Hardware & Software installation.

  • Realization Phase

    Development, configuration and testing.

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Our dedicated Account Managers provide two invaluable services. They act as a consultant, helping you discern problem areas, and as a liaison, assisting you in achieving employee satisfaction and business productivity.

We help you achieve these goals by continuously monitoring the progress of each employee from the moment they step through your doors.

Through regular communication and frequent on-site visits, your Account Manager will make sure that any potential issues are addressed and resolved before they can affect productivity allowing the employee to completely focus on their job and freeing you to run your business. In addition, this proactive approach provides the Account Manager with essential feedback necessary to make sure that we can furnish your future needs with personnel who have the best skill set and personality match for your business environment. Lasting partnerships are what our Account Managers strive for, and to this end, you can trust them to provide you with the most qualified staff to make your business successful.