What We Do

Axiom offers flexible, integrated staffing solutions that are customized to best fit your company’s goals and budget. We provide business process outsourcing and integrated staffing solutions.

With Axiom, you benefit from simplified accounting. One check per pay period covers all payroll, taxes, and reduced benefit costs. Our affordable rate structure allows you to offer your employees expanded health benefits as well as training and the assurance that your employees are being cared for by an organization whose only job is to serve them.

Our Capabilities

Financial Services

By managing your payroll and financial people, Axiom can help you streamline financial management processes so that your business can be more compliant, effective and profitable.


Information Technology

Hire Engineers
Axiom can help your company access new technology and state-of-the-art processes that improve how a company relates to its suppliers, customers and employees.


Who We Are

Founded in 2001, Axiom Consulting, LLC is a U.S. based executive search firm that partners with leading businesses, governments, non-governmental organizations to assess and acquire top talent for our clients. By listening, examining and understanding our client’s strategy and culture, we are able to identify professionals with the skills to meet their needs, always with an eye for diversity. Our consultants works closely with you to identify expected and unexpected candidates that are the perfect fit for your company’s needs, role and culture. Our greatest asset is our people We believe that each of our candidates is owed a sense of dignity, pride and satisfaction in what they do. Meeting client expectations depends on the united efforts of our expert consultants, treating candidates with professional respect and working in partnership with all stakeholders.